These few years, high-quality lifestyle magazines has issued from various publishers.

In those magazines, the lifestyle in the U.S. or Europe are introduced.

However, many Japanese products are introduced, too.


Well, I found a magazine introduced our product.

Let me introduce our coffee grinder.

nice things. November 2015

This magazine is "a magazine to enjoy healthy and positive lifestyle."

In this number, Coffee mill from Mokuneji was introduced.




Coffee mill of Mokuneji is a hand coffee grinder.

You can enjoy smooth touch of wood.

It is getting colder and colder these days.

How about enjoy preparing coffee? Get roasted coffee beans and grind by yourself.


In fact, grinding beans time is the best time to enjoy the flavor of coffee.

If you have a coffee mill, you can enjoy the coffee and the time for coffee.


Please try the hand ground coffee!


See more details of Coffee mill of Mokuneji from here.

Hand grinding mill is fun, stylish coffee mill