A Japanese content curation site "Kinarino" introduced the brass wind chimes of Nousaku.

Kinarino curates information about fashion, interior, or miscellaneous goods. Their concept is "Live finely and carefully."


The brass wind chimes of Nousaku  have been popular the whole year.

In addition to a use of wind chime, people use them as  an art object hanging on the ceiling.


When it gets hotter and hotter, the brass wind chimes of Nousaku gets most orders in a year.

In summer,  silver is the most popular color. Silver looks cooler than other colors.

Since we get concentrated orders on silver wind chimes, it may take 2-3 weeks to be restocked depends on the timing of orders.

We try to get as much stocks as possible. But we recommend you to make early order.


Brass wind chime of Nousaku Horn Silver 

Now, we can see various wind chimes in shops or cafe.

Glass, cast iron, brass. Rounded, bell, or animals...

Japanese wind chime has various types.


Next post, we will introduce some points of selecting.

Please also check it and find your favorite brass wind chime!!