These days, I (the owner of Japan Design Store) have been hooked on making bread.

Last week, one of our staff donated her home bakery to our company. Since then, I have tried various kinds of bread with home bakery.


I pursued how to make most simple and easiest handmade bread.

Finally, I reached this primitive recipe.

Today, I would like to introduce this simple recipe of handmade bread.

The name of bread is ciabatta.

In this recipe you need only 4 ingredients and 5 minutes to prepare.


【Recipe of ciabatta】

〜Ingredients (Four 2 people)〜

・Strong flour : 100 g

・Salt:0.5〜2 g(Adjust for your favorite taste)

・Dry yeast:0.5 g

・Water:100 cc (If you do not like springy bread, you can reduce the amount)

〜How to make〜

①Mix all 4 ingredients

②Let the dough rise for 6 hours in refrigerator

③Bake it for 23 - 25 minutes in preheated oven to 230 ℃ (About 446℉)


That's it!

Only 4 ingredients and 3 steps!

In addition to ingredients, please prepare following utensils.

・Kitchen scale


・Chopsticks or spoon

・Wooden or rubber spatula

・Oven sheet


With a little labor, you can eat bread hot form the oven next morning.

I am beginner of making bread, so I do not have any tips.

However, this simple bread reminds me the primitive bread in ancient time.


Useful items! Enamelware and cheese board

If you have following items, your cooking will be more easier and fun!

・Baking dish (Enamelware)

[Set] Rectangle shallow type S1 + M1 + L1 / Noda Horo 

・Cheese board for bread hot from oven

Cheese board / L / Azmaya

Ciabatta does not need shaping. So, shallow enamelware would be best for baking dish!

Also, wooden cheese board will be the hot pad for hot bread from oven. In addition to hot pad, cheese board can be cutting board and serving tray.


Delicious foods with a little labor

It is great to cook delicious meal with a lot of labor and time.

For every day, however, we would like to eat delicious food with a little labor.


How about making easy handmade bread for your breakfast?

I wish this recipe will help you.


What shall I cook next...?