Sake set of Nousaku have been popular for gifts.

Tin makes beer or Japanese sake delicious. In addition to tin effect, solid and mat texture of tin has got great reputations from the people in and put of Japan.


In fact, tin products of Nousaku was elected as "The Wonder 500" in 2015.

"The Wonder 500"  is a project, aimed to discover and spread local products of Japan. There are a lot of great local products which are not known worldwide now. See more details of this project from here.


Paulownia box for your important gift

We prepare exclusive paulownia box for sake set of Nousaku.


In fact, few online shops have Nousaku exclusive paulownia box.

However, we got a lot of demands from our customers. So, we decide to prepare them.


The exclusive paulownia box of Nousaku is a perfect box for important gifts such as commemorative of companies or wedding celebration.



This is a pair of beer cup with paulownia box.


In Japan, this set is especially popular for Father's Day gifts.


[Set] [Exclusive box]Pair beer cup/ Paulownia box/ Nousaku


This is a sake set of 1 katakuchi and 2 guinomi sake cups.

Auspicious color of gold and silver is suitable for celebration.

Last year, we got many orders from overseas, too.

All products of Nousaku have description with both Japanese and English.

So, please do not hesitate to get them!


[Set][Exclusive box] 1 Katakuchi S Gold + 2 KIKI-Ⅱ(Gold & Silver)/ Paulownia box


This is a pair of guinomi cups.

This set is most standard product among sake sets of Nousaku.

Simple and polished design and tin effect will satisfy sake lovers.

[Set]Pair Guinomi / Paulownia box/ Nousaku



We also offer a set of katakuchi, sake pitcher and 2 guinomi sake cups.

Beautiful silver color of tin in paulownia box can make you feel the Japanese aesthetic sense.


[Set][Exclusive box] 1 Katakuchi L Silver + 2 Guinomi Silver/ Paulownia box


We prepare more gift sets with paulownia box.

See more from here.

High quality sake set of Nousaku for important gifts 


Recommended gift wrapping for paulownia box

If you want wrapping service, we recommend Easy wrapping (Japanese-style.)

We offer gift wrapping with wrapping paper, but paulownia box does not need wrapping paper.


Paulownia box itself has beautiful wooden texture.

With Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki fit the white wood.


能作 桐箱

White color of paulownia and red and white Mizuhiki reminds you the "Japanese beauty." It is similar to the National frag of Japan.


Please select special paulownia box for your important gifts.