KAGO from Nousaku can be arranged as you like.

Famous stylist or creators introduce KAGO.

We get many orders as gifts or wedding favors.

It is unique and artistic. This originality of KAGO is the reason why it is chosen by many people.


Today, let us introduce the unique use of KAGO.

Modern magazine rack with KAGO

Magazines, books, glasses case, accessories...

Bed side or sofa tend to be messy.

Then, how about making magazine rack with KAGO L?

You can easily make a stylish magazine rack with bend KAGO inside.

nousaku kago

Secret is placing center part firmly on the table.

In this way, the magazine rack will be stable.

Just putting magazines casually. A stylish interior is complete!


M or L KAGO can stock 5-6 pamphlets, or 3 magazines.


A KAGO behind the magazine rack is an art object made by one of our staff K.

(According to him, it's a modern art.)

This simple interior fit polished man's room.

KAGO is recommended gift for men.


See more details of KAGO from here.

Novel tin tableware KAGO 




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