Christmas songs are played here and there.

Everyone looks restless in this season.


When it's get colder, I would like to drink unique beer.

Do you know tin tumbler and beer cup from Nousaku?

Or you already have one?

The best feature of tin tumbler is...

You can drink more delicious beer or sake!

The ionization effect of tin removes the miscellaneous taste of alcohol.

In the cold season, hot and spicy dishes are more delicious!

With these hot dishes, alcohol is indispensable.


To enjoy beer more deliciously in this season, we would like to tell you 3 tips of using tin tumbler.

"Tin tumbler or beer cup seem to hard to care."

If you think so, please read this page first!




◎Tips of using tin tumbler or beer cup◎

TIP. 1

You can wash it with soft sponge and detergent as usual

Please wash tin tableware softly.

Tin is very soft metal. If you apply strong power, the tumbler or cup may be warped a little.

That is not an inferior goods, but the feature of tin. Please enjoy unique beer cup.

*NOT dishwasher safe

TIP. 2

Refrigerate the cup for a few minutes to enjoy cooler drink!

If you would like to enjoy cooler beer or sake, refrigerate the tin tumbler for a few minutes before using.

The cup become cold, and the beer becomes much cooler!

Tin can keep the adequate temperature of drink.

* To avoid "tin pest", that tin becomes brittle by the cold, do not freeze tin cup, or refrigerate the cup for a long time.



TIP. 3

Enjoy drinking warm sake!

Not only beer, but also, you can enjoy shochu, Japanese sake, or wine.

If you like warm sake or mulled wine, you can enjoy them with tin tumbler.

Tin tumbler keeps the warmth of drink, too.


*Tin beer cup or tumbler has high thermal conductivity. When you pour hit drink, the cup becomes very hot, too.

Please pour lukewarm drink (around 60℃, 140℉), or cool the cups into adequate temperature.



◎NOT Microwave safe

◎NOT for open flame. Tin has very low melting point.


That's all!

Please be at ease, it is not difficult to use tin tumbler.



Tin is the 3rd expensive metal after gold and silver.

So, tin beer cup and tumbler would be great gifts as well!


NAJIMI tumbler / Nousaku


[Set] [Exclusive box ] Pair beer cup / Nousaku

Please enjoy the supreme bliss time with tin tumbler or beer cup!