From the beginning of August, we ship wind chime of Nousaku to customers almost every day.

"Satisfy your customer with your beautiful curves and clear sound!"

We wrap each wind chime with this message.


Brass wind chimes of Nousaku are coated with urethane. Urethane is coated over the hairline finishing. Therefore, they have beautiful gloss.


Once we hang the wind bells, we cannot touch the smooth texture of wind bells any more. But we would like to hear the clear sound.... Hmm, it is a problem 🙁


By the way, the brass wind chimes of Nousaku have 3 colors × 3 styles. What do you prefer?

In fact, the preference varies from the season or customers.


Today, we would like to tell you some points when you choose the colors and styles of wind chime.



What color and shape?

How to select the best brass wind chime for you

First, wind chimes of Nousaku have three colors; silver, gold, and pink gold.

The best way is choice by your favorite colors. However, please do not forget about the coordinate with your interior.


Please look at the color of window frame you are planning to hang the wind chime. Also, look at interior items, furniture, and metal parts in your room. Choose the color of wind chimes similar to those colors.


Our recommendation is...


■ Silver for modern and stylish room

■ Gold for elegant and gorgeous room

■ Pink gold for cute and natural room



Next, Nouskau wind chimes have three forms; onion, slim, and horn.

As the name illustrate, "Onion" is like an onion, "Slim" has slim shape of bell, and "Horn" is motif of a brass instrument horn.


We recommend you to choose by your first impression.

However, we know, you cannot decide as much as you see the three...

Let's wonder which to choose as long as you can ! 🙂


Followings are just suggestion.

■ Horn for modern and stylish room

■ Slim for elegant and gorgeous room

■ Onion for cute and natural room



You can choose from 3 colors × 3 styles.

Here, let us introduce the popular items in Japan Design Store.


Most popular item for women "Slim / Pink Gold"

Pink gold or rose gold have been popular color of accessories or jewels.

Pink gold is warm color comparing to gold or silver.


Most popular item for men "Horn / Silver"

Horn silver has slim form and stylish gloss. It is true that the coolest wind chime among 9 types is horn silver.


Most popular item in this summer "Onion / Silver"

Onion is the most famous form of Nousaku wind chimes.

Silver gives us cool feeling in hot summer.

This summer, as well as last summer, we have got the most orders of onion silver wind chime.


How do you like it?

When you choose the brass wind chime of Nousaku, please coordinate with other interior items in your room.

We wish that wind chimes of Nousaku will give you cool Japanese breeze.