Today, let us introduce tin small plate "Suzukozara" from Nousaku.

The diameter of suzukozara is 6.9cm (about 2.7 inch.)


Japanese people often use small plates for putting soy sauce.

When we put soy sauce into suzukozara, we can feel the beautiful color of soy sauce by the gloss of suzukozara.

One suzukozara makes your dinner table more stylish. Japanese table setting looks more beautiful with silver shine.

Nousaku also offers tin chopstick rests, sake set, or cups. How about making a table setting with various tin tableware?


In addition to soy sauce, we can put seasonings, dressing, or any other sauce for dipping. Tin fit various kinds of cuisine.


When you hand suzukozara, you can feel the detailed work of craftsmen.

There are small patterns on the surface. These unique patterns make suzukozara more stylish and polished.


There are three patterns for suzukozara.

・"Nunome" Nunome means the texture of cloth in Japanese. This pattern reminds you the texture of natural cotton.

Product (Left):Suzukozara/ Tin plate/ Nunome/ Nousaku

・"Hiware" Hiware means the frozen surface of the water.

Product (Center):Suzukozara/ Tin plate/ Hiware/ Nousaku

・"Oboro" Oboro means hazy. This pattern reminds you the powdery snow or hazy moonlight.

Product (Right) : Suzukozara/ Tin plate/ Oboro/ Nousaku


Minako Kondo designs this unique tin plate. We can feel her gentle expression from suzukozara.

Each pattern has different faces. Also, three patterns change its atmosphere by the things on their plates.


You can get one plate, or a set of 3 or 4 plates. Therefore, you can select your favorite pattern, or enjoy the difference of patterns by set.

Of course, suzukozara is suitable for gifts.


Enjoy tin small plates in your way!