Nousaku chopstick rests are famous for unique designs.

Today, we welcome new members! It is unique and auspicious design.

Nousaku chopstick rests "8"

What is this unique design?


At first sight, it looks like gourd or snowman.

In fact, this chopstick rest is designed from number 8!

Since it is made of tin, you can change its form as your like.


In addition to the chopstick rests, you can use it as cutlery rest or card holders.


Product: Chopstick rests "8" 

In Japan, "8" is considered to a auspicious number.

When we write "8" in kanji, it is widen toward the end. It reminds us the increasing prosperity as time goes on.


Unique, original, and auspicious design gets popularity.

How about putting unique chopstick rests on your dinner table?