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Last post, I introduced how to make delicious Japanese green tea.

I recommended cast iron teapots from Chushin Kobo.


However, I remember that Japan Design Store offers another similar item. The item is “Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin” from Azmaya.

I know we have two cast iron teapot items, but what is the difference? The one is cast iron teapot, and the another is Tetsubin (cast iron kettle).


So, today let us introduce the difference of  cast iron teapot from Chushin Kobo and Nanbu Tetsubin from Azmaya.


About the difference of Yamagata casting and Nanbu tekki(ironware), please see the post in the past.

"Japanese cast iron teapots of Nanbu ironware and Yamagata casting"

Two different points of cast iron teapot and cast iron kettle

There are two different points between cast iron teapot and cast iron kettle.

1. The inside of the pot, enameled or iron

First, the inside of the pot is different.


The inside of cast iron teapot from Chushin Kobo is enameled. So, it is easy to care.


On the contrary,  “Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin”, a cast iron kettle is not enameled. The whole body of kettle is made of cast iron.


You may have heard that you can take iron by drinking water boiled by cast iron teapots or kettles.

You can take iron from  “Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin” from Azmaya. Since the inside is not enameled, the iron of cast iron is extracted when you boil water by the kettle.  In addition, iron inside make the water delicious.


However, the iron inside may get rusted.  You have to remove all the hot water from the kettle to teapot.


Contrary to the cast iron kettle, the cast iron teapots have high thermal conductivity. Also, the enameled inside is hard to get rusted (the outside is iron, so it may get rusted). You can wash the cast iron teapots just same as other tableware. Please avoid from using dishwasher and dish dryer.

2. Kettle or teapot

Nanbu Tetsubin from Azmaya is a kettle.  Therefore, you can use it over an open fire. You can make delicious hot water with  “Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin.”


The cast iron teapots from Chushin Kobo cannot be use as a kettle. If you use the teapot over an open fire, the material may be damaged.

Can you understand the difference?

You already knew it?

Please select the proper items for your use.


The best use of these two items is using “Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin” as a kettle, and use cast iron teapot of Yamagata casting as a teapot.


In this way, you can make delicious water and delicious hot tea!


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