Smart people use the utensils in smart way.

This surprising use of tea canister is also that kind of smart use.


Tea canister as the canister for coffee beans

Karmi from Gato Mikio Store is the fruits of traditional skill of Yamanaka lacquer ware. This is the masterpiece of tea canister.

Detailed work enables to produce the high air-tight effect of wooden tea canister.

Wooden tea canister can keep the tea leaves away from light or air.

Also, the tea canister keep the flavor of tea leaves.

The beautiful stripes are called "sensuji." Skilled craftsmen make the lines with potter's wheel.

This detailed work and design have been popular in select shops in Europe or the United States.

This tea canister is a fusion of skill, design , and usability.


A customer form German told us the smart use of tea canister.

It is true that wooden tea canister Karmi can keep proper humidity and the flavor of inside. So, it is suitable canister for not only tea leaves, but also coffee beans.

Put coffee beans in a tea canister instead of tea leaves

Store coffee beans in tea canister instead of a bin

Unique use of tea canister makes a man smart.


From the same point of view, the wooden tea canister is a suitable canister for dried food such as almond nuts or sesame.

If we can see the essence of things, we can find new use of utensils.

How about finding new way for usual utensils?

See more details of tea canister Karmi from here.

Special Japanese wooden tea canister Karmi

The tea canister from Gato Mikio Store was introduced at a TV show "Ippin!" of NHK.