Did you already decide Christmas presents?

It has 5 days before the Christmas Eve. Did you already decide Christmas presents for someone special?

The time when you wondering the presents with imagine loving people... That is one of a  pleasant time of Christmas season.

【Dear Santa : Introduction of Christmas gifts】

We offer various types of wrappings♪


Pick up items this week: Best items for Christmas presents!

We received a lot of order for Christmas presents.

Today, let us introduce the popular items for Christmas presents.

――Popular items ranking for Christmas presents――

First: [Set of Three] Nousaku Katakuchi L & Guinomi Gold and tin pair (Exclusive box)


Very tasteful items for Christmas gift ranks the first!

This items have been popular for the presents for men.

Send it as a Christmas present, and enjoy it at the party of New Years Day.

You can feel the solemn atmosphere of New year by drinking Japanese sake with this special sake set.


We will ship these sake set within a Nousaku exclusive box.

This product also has English descriptions.  Good gift for people worldwide.


More luxury set at the picture above is with gilded Katakuchi.

[Set of three]Katakuchi L Gilded & Guinomi Gold and tin pair (exclusive box)

These tin sake set can make sake delicious!

See more details of Nousaku sake set from here.

Tin sake cup for making Japanese sake delicious

Second: Mug/ Tea Mate Girls' Day dream Small squirrel/ cement produce design

banner This is a glass mug with tea strainer.

The glass mugs have been popular for its cute designs. For small children or adult women.

At a happy Christmas party, delicious Christmas cake and tea with this glass mug.

Unfortunately, the small bird mug (left side on the picture) ends sales.


The glass mug series have another form like at the picture below. Have one for warm Christmas.



See more details about Tea Mate of cement produce design from here.

Nice tea time with the perfect mug for herbal tea!


Third: Cup & Saucer/Pink/S&B Series/1616 arita japan


These are modern Arita porcelain from 1616/arita japan. Simple design and cute pale color coffee cups and saucers can be used easily.

These cups and saucers can be used as more than just cups and saucers. They can become plates and bowls for cuisine.



See more details of 1616/arita japan cup and saucer from here.

Coffee cups and saucers of Japanese Arita Porcelain


☆Have a happy and warm Christmas☆

How do you like the ranking  of popular items for Christmas presents.

We do not expect that Japanese sake set ranks the first.

Christmas presents are preparing for New Year's Day.


Please keep warm and have a wonderful Christmas!