What comes to your mind when you hear "cute things"?

Flowers? Babies? Dogs? Confectionery?


I believe that there are all sorts of cute things in the world.

In general, however, small things are cute, aren't they?


About 1000 years ago, a Japanese woman Sei Shonagon wrote about the cute things in her essay "Makura no  Soshi." In that essay, she wrote that "all small things are cute things." The sensitivity of human beings seems to have been same for 1000 years.


In Japan Design Store, the small things are the chopstick rests. We offer various types of chopstick rests and all of them are cute!


Today, let us introduce the collection of cute small chopstick rests.


1. Cast iron chopstick rests from Chushin Kobo

This is very unique chopstick rest. These are made of cast iron! So, it has solid  and polished beauty. Small chopstick rests have great presence on the table. In addition to Ume (Japanese plum), we have Sakura (cherry blossoms), Square, Shou-chiku-bai (pine tree, bamboo, and Japanese plum) and Circle design.


See more details of cast iron chopstick rests from here.

Metal chopstick rests for modern dinner table

2. Chopstick rests MUSUBI from Nousaku


“Musubi” are the motif of Mizuhiki. Mizuhiki is decorative paper strings. Japanese people use Mizuhiki for celebrating happy events. All different patterns are Japanese traditional auspicious design.


See more details of tin chopstick rests from here.

Cute Japanese chopstick rests have stories

3. Chopstick rests Crinkle series from ceramic japan

Small pieces of paper? NO, this is made of porcelain!

This unique design was born from the crinkle of a paper bag. A designer Makoto Komatsu took a pattern from a crinkle paper bag.


See more details of ceramic chopstick rests from here.

Sparkle one point of your table


How do you like the chopstick rests collection?

Small chopstick rests are all cute!

Choose one and decorate your table!


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