Do you care about table coordinate everyday?

If you always try to make a perfect coordinate, you will be tired.

However, if possible, everyone would like to make the perfect table.


Then, how about adding cast iron tableware? Cast iron tableware give great presence on the table so that you can make chic and stylish table coordinate easily.

Do you think that cast iron tableware is difficult to use?

Never mind!

We introduce cast iron teapot, saucer, and chopstick rests here.  All of them can be easily add to usual table coordinate.



Today, let us suggest a chic table coordinate with cast iron tableware.


The cast iron items in Japan Design Store


We have two brands to offer Japanese cast iron items, Chushin Kobo and Azmaya.


Chushin Kobo is a casting studio in Yamagata prefecture in Japan.

Azmaya collects various masterpieces from all over Japan. Azmaya sells Nanbu Tetsubin, cast iron kettle of Nanbu Tekki (ironware.)


Today, we introduce 3 cast iron items from Chushin Kobo. Those are teapot, chopstick rest, and casting saucer.

These three can make a chic coordinate. Therefore, if you add these three items to simple plate...

A perfect coordinate is complete! We can start Japanese tea time now.

If you do not have any table cloth or place mats, it is OK. The jet-black color of cast iron items make various kind of table coordinate stylish and chic.


Cute table coordinate makes you feel cheerful. And chic table coordinate makes you feel luxury.

If you lean toward one side, you will be bored soon.

Enjoy table coordinate depends on your mood or dishes.

If you are interested in cute table coordinate, please refer to this post.

"Spring table coordinate with pale color items"


How do you like the chic table coordinate with Japanese casting items?

It is easy and makes a big change.

Enjoy Japanese table coordinate with Japanese cast iron items!


Today's recommended items

Cast iron teapot / Marutama S/ Chusin Kobo

Casting saucer / Square / Chusin Kobo

Chopstick Rests/ Sakura(Cherry blossom)×4/ Chushin Kobo

Teacup / Round /Chusin Kobo

Chopsticks/ Makiji/ Eclipse/ Akaguchi-shu/ Wajima Kirimoto

Square Plate/ W165/ TY Series/1616 arita japan