Hello, everyone!

It is already June. Summer comes around in Japan.


When it gets warmer, a lot of goods become unnecessary.

Warm clothes, warm bedding, or boots.

Cast iron kettle may be one of them.

However, we recommend you to use cast iron kettle in summer!


There are certain reasons for our recommendation.

Today, we would like to introduce the effect of cast iron kettle in summer.


This is a Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin from Azmaya.

Tap water in Japan is safe and delicious.

However, it is said that tap water in summer have more chlorine than other seasons.

The tap water in summer have more smell of chlorine.


We sweat a lot in summer. So, we need more water.

For daily re-hydration, delicious water is better isn't it?

Then, Nanbu tetsubin works very well!


When you boil the water with cast iron kettle, the chlorine in the water is removed. The taste of water becomes mellow.

With the boiled water by cast iron kettle, you can make delicious tea!


In addition to purification effect, cast iron kettle supply iron ion into the water. We can take in iron from boiled water by Nanbu tetsubin.


Japanese people like barley tea in summer.

Also, iced green tea is loved by Japanese people.

To make delicious tea, delicious water is necessary.



Making most use of cast iron teapot, and survive hot summer with delicious water!


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