Hi, this is Yu Hayase, the owner of Japan Design Store.

Japanese rainy season will end soon.

From the beginning of July, it is getting hotter and hotter.

It is so hot and humid that I cannot sleep well.


Hot summer comes, I would like to eat...

☆Cool food

☆Fresh food

☆Spicy food

Today, I choose spicy food for my lunch.

"What is the spicy food that I can cook?"

Finally, I decide to ear soup curry and rice. One of our staff gave me as a souvenir of Hokkaido.

The curry is retort-packed food. So, I just heat it to eat.

"What is suitable dish for soup curry? "

This soup curry is a little gorgeous!

There are big carrots,potatoes and boiled egg.

Furthermore, There is a big chicken leg!

(The name of this soup curry is "Rakyo-no-Chicken-Soup Curry")


The chicken leg has certain weight.

I am surprised to the skill of retort-packed food!

Then, what is suitable dish for this gorgeous soup curry?

I choose TY Round bowl 160 from 1616/arita japan.

I usually use this bowl as a salad bowl. But, when I put the soup curry, it is perfect size!

For rice bowl, I choose same series Round bowl 120. This is the best size, too.

Eating spicy curry, I feel I am more cheerful now!

I am also happy to find new use of TY Round bowl.

Sweltering  summer come soon.

Let's forget hot and enjoy summer with curry and TY Round bowl!!

See more details of TY Round bowl from 1616/arita here.

Simple and stylish round plate, Japanese Arita porcelain