Today is one of our staff's birthday.

So, we use TY Square plate form 1616/arita japan as cake dish.

usually, we use TY Square plate as dish for salad or plate lunch.

Let us introduce the cake coordinate with TY Square plate.



TY Square plate is best for a roll cake

We have a small birthday party at tea time.

Now, we have 6 staff members. Roll cake is better for sharing.

We prepare a roll cake with a lot of colorful fruits.


Here, TY Square plate 235 White works!



Since a roll cake is cylindrical shape, rounded or square plate is unbalanced for putting on.  However, rectangle plate like TY Square plate is perfect.

The white room of the plate makes the color of cake stand out.


We use TY Square plates 165 for serving plates.


Put a rounded piece of cake on the white square plate. It is like a cake in the picture frame.

Choose small cakes from a large Square plate

This is a TY Square plate 270 white.

It is the biggest size of TY Square plates. We put small cakes on the plate.


When you buy a lot of various pieces of cakes, put them on a large Square plate. A white porcelain becomes a cake tray.


If you do not have any silver cake tray like a hotel, or restaurant, you can use Square plate.

In addition to cakes, canapes are good with big plate.

Good cost performance plates

You can purchase Arita porcelain TY Square plates from JPY¥500.

TY series plates fit various types of cuisine.

Also, the series varies its forms and sizes. You can easily coordinate with other plates of same series.


TY "Standard" series is modern and stylish tableware with function and beauty.


If you look for simple and useful plate, TY Series will meet your need.