Wooden cheese board as well as cutting board

One day, I (the owner of Japan Design Store) got a purple sweet potato pound cake.

On usual days, we had a teatime together at our office. However, we have been busy these days. So, I decided to cut the pound cake and put it on the table we use. In this way, my staff members can take one piece of cake whenever they like to eat.


In that case, we have very useful item. It is wooden cheese board and cheese knife from Azmaya. You can cut cakes on the wooden cutting board with cheese knife, and serve it as a cheese board.


The wooden cheese board can save time, but very stylish.


Cheese knife has stylish design. The design makes you polished when you cut cakes in front of your guests.

I was able to cut the pound cake easily.


Pink pound cake seemed to be good with white plate. So, I put a piece of cake on the Japanese porcelain TY Round Plate 160 from 1616/arita japan.

Oh, I found a raspberry jam in my refrigerator! Let's put it.

It will be better with white whipped cream and a leaf of mint.


On the table of office, leave the wooden cutting board for helping themselves.

It seems to be better served on the wooden cutting board than served with plates for a casual style teatime.


Wooden cheese board have been a popular item for cheese lover.

Also, the wooden board is useful when people make some confectionery. So, good present for those who like baking cakes.


If you can save time for preparing, you can spend more time with your guests.

A wooden cutting board make it come true.


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