Summer comes! Best season for fresh blue items.

Blue dress or light blue necktie change you into the summer coordinate.

Blue items give other people fresh feeling, too.

Let's enjoy blue coordinate every day.


We look for blue items in our store. We find suitable items for this season.

Light blue gradation, blue plates and bowls of 1616/arita japan


Pale color light blue plates can freshen your table up.

For summer home party, serve dishes with cool color plates. The tableware welcome your guests and express the season.

However, we need to tell you an important tips.


There are some tips for using blue or light blue plates. 

The reason is its unique color.

Originally, blue or light blue are not the color of food. It is said that blue reduces the appetite. Therefore, the blue plates are counterproductive when you want to make dishes more delicious. (So, if you are on a diet, the blue plates may be the best...)


With some knacks, blue plates can make very stylish coordinate♪


In the fashion world or interior world, stylish people easily handle the difficult-looking color or forms items. If we follow some tips, we can handle it.

This is the same when we handle tableware.


Here, let us tell you three points for better use.

☆3 points for using blue/light blue tableware☆

①When you use blue plates, use it as one point. One large plate or use some small plates 


If you like blue, you may want to use all plates in blue. However, all blue coordinate is too cold-looking. Blue plate should be an accent. use one large blue plate or some small blue plates.


(Inban plates can be used many. Those plates are balanced with navy and white. )

②Put colorful dishes on blue plate. Ethnic dishes are the best!


You cannot put brown dishes like beef stew or hamburger. Plates and dishes will interrupt the beautiful color of each other. 

Therefore, we recommend fresh salad, or colorful Ethnic cuisine. Thai cuisine has been popular now in Japan. That is the perfect dish with blue plates.

If you want to put brown dishes on blue plates, add green vegetables. Fresh green makes the both color of plates and dishes. ま

③Coordinate with similar shade plates


If you want to use blue tableware daily, just coordinate them with similar shade tableware. Similar shade color soften the cool impression of blue.

For instance, let's see this coordinate.↓↓


A light blue cup seems to be hard to use. However, with similar shade mug and plate, the dishes make a good balance. With these pale color tableware, blue cup can fir with various cuisine.

The owner of our store named this coordinate "macaroon color set." Gentle color plates make us feel relaxed.


Of course, each tableware can be used separately. Combine some plates make each color stand out.

If you like blue cloths or accessories, take a step for using blue tableware.

With some tips, blue tableware makes your table stylish and fresh. Let's try it!


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Colorful pale color plates and bowls from Arita porcelain