A Japanese curation website "Monkey" introduces our product.

"Monkey" is a curation website introducing finance or money.

We are so proud that such a curation website introduces our product.


The theme of the curation page is...

For boyfriend, or friend. Best gifts for men in their 20's

Tin beer cup and tumbler of Nousaku are introduced as best presents for men in their 20's.

It is true that high class tumbler and beer cup has been popular for gifts for men in our store. Other popular items are sake cups guinomi, ochoko, or wind bells.


See more details of beer tumbler and beer cup of Nousaku from here.

Enjoy beer with tin tumbler! Nousaku beer cup



By the way, these beer cup and tumbler of Nousaku are the best-seller items in this season.

When it gets over 30 ℃, we get concentrated orders for tin tumblers

Actually, we have been received many orders for tin beer cup and tumbler since last month.

If it gets more over 30 ℃, we guess that people would like to drink cold beer.



We offer 3 sizes. From the left to right, tumbler, beer cup M, and beer cup L.

The most popular item is beer cup L. Beer cup L can contain a canned beer.


To survive hot summer, how about getting or sending tin beer cup and tumbler?



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