Japan Design Store often get orders for gifts, such as wedding gift or celebration of a birth.

These days, some customers ask for the tableware for babies.


Japanese traditional crafts and handmade products can be used for a long time. Babies touch the tableware everyday. For dearest children, you want them to touch good quality products since their childhood. Through using good tableware, children can form good skill for distinguish the qualities of products.


In our store, mushroom wooden bowl and spoon from Sunao Lab have been popular for the celebration of a birth.


However, one of our staff told me that "this tableware is not a tableware for children, but good for a celebration of a birth!"


Today, let us introduce the special tableware TY Standard series from 1616/arita japan.

We do not sell a set as tableware for children. So, we introduce 4 recommended items.


Arita porcelain for the first tableware

One of our staff have a 5 months baby. We ask her what tableware she use everyday.



A baby is weaning now. He starts to eat baby foods. He eats mash pumpkins or fish.

A mother says there is no special need for the tableware of baby food. However, the tableware fro adults are hard to scoop food with the spoon for baby food.

Also, the plastic tableware is too light to scoop with one hand. The plastic tableware is not enough stable.


Then, the staff tells us these tableware.

Left : Espresso Cup/ TY Series




She also tells us two other tableware. These ate the tableware what she would like to use after the baby grow up a little.

Right top:Tea Cup/ TY Series

Right below:Round Deep Plate/φ120/ TY Series


If we place these tableware in front of the baby, the tableware looks babies' tableware.

We envy the baby who can use Arita porcelain as the first tableware for him. It is very new and stylish, isn't it?


If you add another plate as a gift, we recommend the flat plate of TY series.

Round Plate/φ120/ TY Series



Use tableware for a long time


She says the weaning period for a baby is shorter than she had expected. For that short period, should parents prepare the tableware for children? Um.. that is difficult question.

However, it the tableware can be used for a long time, you can purchase good tableware. Adults also can use the tableware. As the children grow, they can collect other tableware of same series.

Stylish and simple design plates are goof for modern parents, too.


Porcelain is harder than pottery. Therefore, these TY series plates are hard to be chipped comparing to pottery.


We appreciate your suggestion for any other combination of products.

Tell us your favorite one.