It is the last day of August.

These days, I can sleep without air conditioner.

This comfortable season is the best season for outing!


Go outing with Asunaro bento box

In Japan, we have a plenty of delicious food in Fall.

With delicious bento (lunch), the outing for mountain or picnic will be more happy!


To bring bento, bento boxes are necessary.

Recently, we can find great bento boxes of traditional crafts or handmade crafts.

Especially, the bento boxes made of natural materials have been popular.


The lunch boxes in our store got many orders in last spring and fall.


Wooden or bamboo bento boxes make us warm.


Good feature of natural material bento boxes

Natural material bento boxes are good crafts, and useful.

Wooden or bamboo bento boxes are light. So, people can bring it easily.

In addition, natural material can keep food fresh.

Moreover, the natural material itself has good flavor and comfortable texture.


Wooden or bamboo bento boxes have been popular  from all generations.


Asunaro bento box from Wajima Kirimoto

Japan Design Store offers Asunaro bento boxes from Wajima Kirimoto.

Wajima Kirimoto is famous for Wajima lacquer ware.

Asunaro bento box is not a lacquer ware, but a beautiful wooden bento box.

The wood processing skill of Wajima lacquer ware is used to produce an Asunaro bento box.


Simple and polished design have got popularity from natural-lovers to stylish-lovers.



In comfortable season, you can use this wooden bento box for lunch box in lunch time, and serving dinner within the bento box in dinner time.

What is the size of Asunaro bento box?

The size of this bento box is as follows.
Outside dimension:W 210mm-D 85mm-H 58mm。
Inside dimension:W 200mm-D 85mm-H 50mm
So, Asunaro bento box can contain about 850ml.
(As a matter of fact, we cannot put lunch fully. If you put 80% of bento box, it would be 600ml. )
If you or your children or husband eat a lot, this wooden bento box is a little bit small. However, it is best size for people who do not eat that much.
If you look for good bento box, this wooden bento box is the one!
See more details of Asunaro bento box from here.


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Asunaro Bento box / Wajima Kirimoto