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Amukettle / White / Noda Horo



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【Amukettle / White】This is a retro kettle Amukettle White from Noda Horo. Amukettle has vivid colors and stable design. White kettle has clean atmosphere with an accent of black handle and knob. Bright color kettle can be an accent in your kitchen.
Since they are simple, we would like to introduce it now.
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Product specifications

size 23X182X195mm
weight 1000g
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks Enamelware have some places where glassy glaze is not fully covered. Those places are spout, backside of lid or edges. We appreciate your kind understanding. Also, strong impact or dropping may cause the damage of glassy surface. Do not use the enamel teapot on the stove. It may cause the dry boiling and damage of enamelware. Boiling the teapot dry is dangerous. By any chance you boil the enamel teapot dry, do not cool the pot rapidly. Wait for it cool down naturally. The volume of the teapot is full volume. To avoid boiling over, we recommend boiling 70% of the indicated volume.

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