Father's Day is coming soon! Have you already decided the gifts for this year?

This weekend June 19th (SUN) is the Father's Day.


Father's Day is a best timing for expressing your appreciation to your father.

All fathers should be happy with the appreciation from their dearest family.

Heartwarming present tells your feeling.


What are popular gift items in Japan Design Store?

We guess that you cannot decide the Father's Day gift yet.

So, we introduce the popular gift items for Father's Day in our store.

1st! Tin beer cup from Nousaku : $55.99


Tin beer cup can make sake or beer more delicious. This beer cup works every day. The pleasant time of your father will be happier!

2nd![Set] [Exclusive box]Pair beer cup/ Nousaku


This set is good for the presents fro parents, not only father. Pair cup gives great time for your father with his wife.

3rd! Tin beer cup/ L / Nousaku


For beer lovers, Large size tumbler is better. It can contain 380ml. Therefore, it is best size for 350ml canned beer.

As you can see, the best 3 items are the beer cup and beer tumbler from Nousaku.


Your father can taste cold and delicious beer with tin tumbler!

In addition, for more elegant gifts, beer cup pair in a paulownia box is popular, too.


This season, I (the owner of the store) am moved with...

"How big the love of everyone to their father!! "

For me, I will give the beer cup of Nousaku for my father as well as my customers.

Father's Day gift wrapping with "Thank you" seal

Japan Design Store offers Father's Day gift wrapping.

1$ wrapping will be Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki. In addition to usual wrapping, "Thank you Father" seal will be on the box.


If you need wrapping paper or message card, please select $3 gift wrapping.

This "Thank you Father" seal is also made of Japanese paper.




Can you get some ideas?

We hope you can find the best gift for your father.

Have a nice Father's Day!!