Today, let us answer the question "what is the difference between usual white tableware and that of 1616/arita japan?


The answer is the beauty of exact straight line.


Please check the difference at the picture.


On the right, the usual white tableware.

On the left, the Arita porcelain of 1616/arita japan.


As you can see, the usual tableware are warped.

The tableware on the right looks warped compare to the surface of the table.

If you pile more than two plates, they are wobbly a little.


On the contrary, the edge of TY Round bowl is exact straight.




If you place different sizes of plates as the picture below, the corners fit together perfectly. TY Square plates make beautiful geometrical pattern.


This detailed beauty makes the TY series gain the popularity.

The traditional skill and modern design of 1616/arita japan make it possible to produce handmade but detailed tableware.


In addiiton, the color of this plates are not yellowish white. Arita porcelain has beautiful bluish white.

Stylish people select TY series of 1661/arita japan because it has marvelous quality and design.


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P.S. 1616/arita japan was introduced at Japanese TV program "Ippin" in NHK  "Developing tableware~Saga, Arita porcelain~"