[Set of 2] [Dish cloth wrapping] SAKURASAKU GLASS / YUKISAKURA / Tumbler / Red and White

[Set of 2] [Dish cloth wrapping] SAKURASAKU GLASS / YUKISAKURA / Tumbler / Red and White / 100 percent

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weight (g) 450.0000
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remarks SAKURASAKU GLASS is all handmade by craftsmen one by one. Craftsmen pay extraordinary attention to quality of products. However, we can see small air bubbles, small black spots, or slight unevenness. Please enjoy unique features of handmade glassware. You cannot stack the cherry blossom glasses on each other. Wash with soft sponge after use. NOT dish washer safe.
[Dish cloth] Before the first use, remove the starch on the cloth with lukewarm water, and wash it in laundry net. Kaya (mosquito netting) will shrink in 3~5cm after the first washing. Also, the dish cloth may shrink or lose colors slightly. Hot water or sterilization by boiling SAFE. Be careful of getting scalded. NOT breach safe.
Short Description 【[Set of 2] [Dish cloth wrapping] SAKURASAKU GLASS / YUKISAKURA / Tumbler / Red and White】This is Red and White pair tumblers of SAKURASAKU GLASS YUKISAKURA series. This set is wrapped with pink dish cloth. SAKURASAKU GLASS makes figure of cherry blossom flower on the table with moisture on it. Craftsmen who inherited technique of Edo Glass handmade this complicated form glass. Elegant flower glass enlivens conversation.
Cute tumbler would be good for juice, tea, beer or highball. Pair glass set includes both “Sakura” and “Clear” color. Auspicious red and white color set would be great gifts, too.
* For the “Dish cloth wrapping” series, you can change color of dish cloth into your favorite color. This set is with Red (Dark pink). In addition, we have Green / Blue / Red and white / Cream / Purple. If you would like to change the color, please mention your demand at “Other Inquiry” when you place order. Please note that if you change color of dich cloth, the “Shipping Date” stated above may change as well.



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