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[Set of 3] [Wooden box] Eternal Glass / Wine glass / 3 glasses / Wired Beans

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remarks All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product. This glass has lifetime compensation, but it is only valid in Japan. If you are in Japan, Wired Beans will exchange the broken glass into new one. The compensation card and descriptions about the compensation are within wooden box. Compensation card cannot be reissued. We can see air bubbles, unevenness, or black dots in clear wine glasses. These are proof of handmade craft produced by craftsmen with their spirits. Air bubbles bottled up air in kiln in high temperature at the moment when the glass is produced. Unevenness is unexpectedly produced by work when craftsmen remove scorching glass from kiln. Black dots are pieces accidentally come off from long-used tools of craftsmen. All of these are characteristics of handmade products by craftsmen. Watch out when you remove wine glass from the box. Glasses are fixed with cushioning material in the cedar box so that the items do not break during shipping. Clear wine glass is not heat-resistant glass. Avoid rapid change of temperature of glasses. Especially, please avoid using glass in refrigerator. Avoid using dishwasher or microwave for wine glasses. Avoid using polisher or sponge with cleanser. They damage wine glasses. Be careful when you touch broken glasses. When you wash inside the glass, do not twist the sponge. Delicate glassware may be broken.
Short Description 【[Set of 3] Eternal Glass / Wine glass / 3 glasses】This is a set of 3 different Wine glass of Eternal Glass series from Wired Beans. This set includes “Champagne k”, “Bourgogne k” and “Bordeaux k”. This glass is with Lifetime compensation (only valid in Japan.) Clear wine glasses are joint developed by honorary sommelier to enjoy rich aroma of wine. designer pursued the form of glass in millimeters. You can compare the different taste by different glasses.


Wired Beans

Not “New item”, but “item that renew your mind.” This is the concept of Wired Beans. Wired Beans is an only brand that offers “lifetime compensation” to their products.