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size φ240-H105mm 2750ml
weight 2904.0000
notes freezer, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. We can see some black dots or dents on the surface. Please enjoy unique individualities of handmade crafts. You cannot cook deep-fried food.
Short Description 【do-nabe / Donabe Pot / Induction friendly / White / L】This is do-nabe, a donabe pot. L size is good size for 4 people. Surprisingly, this do-nabe is induction cook safe with a metal plate inside the pot. This stylish pot is filled with usability. Since the bottom of the donabe pot is flat, you can put a lot of ingredients neatly. When you turn the lid over, the do-nabe becomes smarter. You can pile up other tableware on the donabe pot. Ceramic japan is a pottery brand in Seto city of Aichi prefecture. It was established in 1973. By the unique design and great skill of craftsmen, do-nabe is designated as the permanent collection of MoMA._x000d_ _x000d_ ◆[Regarding to Guarantee of Induction Cooktop SAFE action in overseas countries] This metal plate for induction cooktop is on condition its use in Japan. If you would like to use it in overseas countries, the plate may not work effectively due to the voltage of the country or specifications of induction cooktop. The guarantee does not cover the regular action of metal plate in other countries than Japan. We do ask your purchase with understanding of this condition. (Even if the metal plate does not work, you can use the do-nabe pot over open flame or in oven or microwave without metal plate.)


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