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[Set of 3] [Exclusive box] For tea lovers set / Tin tea caddy S & Stoneware cups / SyuRo

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remarks 【Set contents】3 items: Tin tea caddy S (×1) / Stoneware Bowl SM (×2) [Black (×1) / Gray (×1)]_x000d_ 【Tin tea caddy】 Tin tea caddy from SyuRo are handmade by craftsmen one by one. We can see small scratches, marks of polish, or dots due to the feature of material. Those scratches and marks become not-remarkable as the time passes. Please enjoy unique taste of the material. To enjoy the natural taste of material, storage tins are not put rust preventing. Therefore, joint of material is easy to get rust. We do ask for kind understanding. 【Stoneware】Stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo is handmade one by one by craftsmen. Color irregularities, blurs, or different shades of colors appeared when tableware is glazed or baked. Please enjoy only one appearance of handmade product. Gray stoneware is not glazed. It has rough texture. Can be used in microwave ovens at temperature of up to 260℃ or 500℉ and dish washers (dryers). Can be stored in the refrigerator and freezer at a temperature of -20℃ or -4℉. Sudden changes in temperature may damage the ware, even within the temperature range. Should not be exposed to direct heat from the stove top.
Short Description 【[Set of 3] For tea lovers set / Tin tea caddy S & Stoneware cups】This is best set for tea lovers. The set includes tin tea caddy S and Stoneware Bowl SM “Gray” and “Black” from SyuRo. _x000d_ Tea caddy S can be used for storage of coffee beans, spices, or short pasta in addition to tea leaves. Tinplate gets calm taste as time passes. _x000d_ Stoneware bowl SM size is a tall bowl. Pleased use it as a teacup, soba choko, or soup cup. Stoneware is baked at high temperature. So, you can use stoneware dinnerware in oven, microwave oven and freezer._x000d_ Tea time set with tin tea caddy and pair cup would be great gifts as well. We will send this set within our elegant original exclusive box.



SyuRo has its atelier in a town in Tokyo where has a lot of small factories. Their items are simple, stylish and can be used for a long time. They propose comfortable life to in and out of Japan.

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