Hello Kitty Ribbon Tray×2

Hello Kitty Ribbon Tray×2 / Nousaku

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size 本体:H9.5×W104×D59mm 化粧箱:H18×W114×D130mm
weight (g) 240.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks Hello Kitty products from Nousaku are tableware made of 100% tin. Since tin is a soft metal, you can change their forms a little. Please note that excess bending cause cracks or breakage of the product. Clean the products when you put strongly acid food. It may cause discoloration of products. Since tin has high thermal conductivity, when you pour hot foods or the plate touches with hot items, the product itself become extremely hot. Please be careful of getting burnt. Do not put in the freezer to reduce the risk of tin pest (that tin becomes brittle by the cold). Also, please do not storage product in refrigerator for a long time. Wash with soft cloth or sponge with neutral detergent after use. When the gloss has become dull, please polish the products using baking soda.
* Hello Kitty goods of Nousaku are licensed products. We only sell Hello Kitty goods within Japan. We appreciate your understanding.
Short Description 【Hello Kitty Ribbon Tray×2】This is 2 tin trays get motif from ribbon of Hello Kitty. There are 3 rooms in a tray. It is useful for soy sauce, olive oil or seasonings. Also, you can use Hello Kitty plate for small confectioneries on tea time. In addition, cute Kitty tray can be accessory tray or a tray for stationeries at office. Just like mamezara (tiny plates), please use this Hello Kitty tray in your favorite way. Since this is a pair tray set, it is good gift for Kitty lovers’ couple. For wedding gifts, oe wedding anniversary gifts, cute ribbon tray is good.



Nousaku is a top brand of metalworking in Toyama city. They continue to produce artistic products with bendable tin. The items are not only traditional crafts, but also artwork. Designers around the world are fascinated by their design and detailed work.