Snufkin / Moomin JAPAN Kutani -GOSAI-

Snufkin / Moomin JAPAN KUTANI -GOSAI- / Plate / amabro

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size φ130mm
weight (g) 150.0000
notes オーブン, 冷凍庫, 電子レンジ, 食洗機はご使用いただけません。
remarks All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product. JAPAN KUTANI -GOSAI- series is Kutani ware plate. You can see kannyu (cracks on the surface) in paintings. Kutani ware is NOT microwave and oven safe. Wash with neutral detergent and soft sponge after use. Dishwasher safe. But please follow the care label of it. Please avoid rapid change of temperature.
Short Description 【Snufkin / Moomin JAPAN KUTANI -GOSAI-】This is “Snufkin” of Moomin JAPAN KUTANI -GOSAI- series. On traditional and colorful Kutani ware, Moomin friends are drawn. Cute plates are within exclusive box of Moomin. Great gift for Moomin lovers.



Amabro is a product brand of MURAKAMI ART corporation directed by an artist Amane Murakami. Under the theme of “Art of life”, they propose a life with Japanese traditions.

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