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Exclusive box / For Palace Plate / φ160 × 2~4

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size W190×D190×H53mm パレスプレート160用(2~4枚)
weight 104.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks This is only an exclusive box. This box can contain Palace plate φ160 × 4 at the maximum. Please use this box when you send Palace plate as gifts. This product does not include plates you can see at the image pictures. We cannot accept the orders of only an exclusive box. Please purchase this product with Palace plate.
Short Description 【Exclusive box / For Palace Plate / φ160 × 2~4】 This is an exclusive box for 2~4 Palace Plate φ160. You can send this special box with a few φ160 Palace plates for a gift. *This box is only sold with plates.


1616/arita japan

The product of 1616 / arita japan is said that it is "too beautiful porcelain". It is a domestic brand that has attracted attention in Milan Salone. History of porcelain, which continued from 1616.How about you try using the traditional crafts at the table?