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[Set] [Exclusive box] Natural bowls set / Flat rice bowl & Pair Meibokuwan / Blue & White

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remarks 【Set contents】4 items: Meibokuwan M(×2) / Flat rice bowl (×2) [ST-15 (×1) / S-15 (×1)]_x000d_ [Flat rice bowl] Microwave oven and dishwasher safe. All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product. Metal mark is black stain on ceramics like a drawing by pencils. It is adhesion of metal components. Friction with ceramics and metal items such as forks, knives, spoons or metal basket may cause metal marks. Particularly, flat rice bowls glazed with mat glaze are easy to get metal marks. Even glossy ceramics can get metal marks by strong friction or using metal items for a long time. Once ceramics get metal marks, we cannot remove it with neutral detergent._x000d_ By any chance ceramics get metal marks, put polishing powder on soft sponge and wash with hand. Stubborn metal marks may not be removed.
Short Description 【[Set] Natural bowls set / Blue & White】This is “Natural bowls set.” This set includes 2 Flat rice bowl “ST-15” and “S-5” from Hakusan Toki and 2 wooden bowls of “Meibokuwan M” from Sonobe. We send these items in Japan Design Store original exclusive box. Meibokuwan has beautiful rounded form shaved by craftsmen. Please use the bowls for soup. Cute natural set would be great wedding gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, or birthday gifts.



Sonobe is a brand of woodwork under the concept of “Japanese wood, Japanese handwork.” In elementary schools in Odawara city of Kanagawa prefecture, wooden soup bowls from Sonobe have been used for school lunch.

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