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size 70φ
weight 500.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks A button cell is built in clock. All glass clocks “piccolo orologio” from Sghr are handmade by glass craftsmen. Slight difference may occur in capacity or size of each glass. Also, since the glass is made of natural sand, we can see some small air bubbles or lines in glasses. Please enjoy only one feature of handmade glass. Glass clock “piccolo orologio” of Sugahara is not a heat-resistant glass. Rapid change of temperature may cause break of glasses. Please do not put hot glass clock on wet or cold place. Battery of this glass clock is button cell. Please keep the button cell away from babies. By any chance babies swallow button cell, it should be removed immediately. See a doctor right away. Please keep glass clock away from babies. By any chance babies swallow clock, see a doctor immediately. If you fall thick glass clock, it may break and cause injury. Please do not put the glass clock on unstable place or vibratile place. Guarantee period of the glass clock is 1 year from the purchase date. See guarantees of the product and keep it carefully. Battery is not covered by guarantee.
Short Description 【Piccolo orologio / Glass clock / Bubbles from Deep-Sea】This is small glass clock “Piccolo orologio / Bubbles from Deep-Sea” from Sghr, Sugahara. This small clock is about 7 cm (about 2.75 inches) in diameter, a palm size glass clock. Transparency of solid glass and beauty of dynamic bubbles attract us. Sending clocks have message of “spending time together.” It is a good wedding gift, wedding favor, or corporate gift. Handmade glass clock provides richer life for the recipients. This clear clock is recommended for wedding anniversary gifts on 15th anniversary, which is “Crystal anniversary.”


Sghr -Sugahara-

Sghr, or Sugahara has its glass studio in Kujukuri in Chiba prefecture. They handmade all products with deep appreciation for natural materials. Unique and stylish glassware have been popular gifts as well.