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[Set of 2] [Exclusive box] Rectangle L / Gosu Maru & Icchin / Yachimun / Issui pottery

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remarks 【Set contents】2 items: Yachimun Rectangle L [Gosu Maru Mon (×1) / Icchin (×1)] _x000d_ Each plate is handmade by craftsmen one by one. So, we can see individualities on its size or colors. Also, we can see cracks of glaze, small projection on surface, warps of tableware, crack of clay by slab building, or scratch on backside. Please enjoy unique features of handmade crafts.
Short Description 【[Set of 2] Rectangle L / Gosu Maru & Icchin】This is a set of “Pair Rectangle L / Gosu Maru & Icchin” from Issui pottery. It includes 2 Rectangle L plates of “Gosu Maru Mon” and “Icchin (slip trailing).” _x000d_ Okinawa pottery designed by a potter Shinya Takahata is free and placid design. We will become excited with expressive tableware on the table. Rectangle L plates get attention at home party. Caprese salad or sashimi looks very stylish on them. Of course, rectangle plates are useful for baked fish. You can use several patterns together. _x000d_ Stylish Okinawa pottery plates sets are recommended for gifts. This set is within our original exclusive box.

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