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[Set of 5] [Paulownia box] Kumiko kit / Rindou × 2 + Asanoha × 3 / Yamakawa Tategu

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remarks 【Set contents】5 items: Edo Kumiko kit (× 5) [Rindou (× 2) / Asanoha (× 3)]_x000d_ Do not soak Kumiko wood coaster into water. Do not give strong impact against Kumiko wood.
Short Description 【[Set of 5] [Paulownia box] Kumiko kit / Rindou × 2 + Asanoha × 3】Kumiko is a decorative fixture for Shoji screen, Fusuma or transoms. Craftsmen have competed each other to create more and more beautiful and complex patterns. You can make beautiful Kumiko wood coaster with this kit. It is a set of 5 kits with 2 Rindou and 3 Asanoha within Japan Design Store original paulownia box. Basic frame is common for Rindou and Asanoha. So, you can change patterns in your mood. As drink coaster, suncatcher, or home decor. Idea of Kumiko use is up to you. Kumiko kit is made of Japanese cypress which has effect to relax us. As you assemble each piece, you can feel craftsmanship and history of Kumiko. Kumiko wood gets no coating. Kumiko kit within paulownia box would be suitable as gifts.

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