【SALE】[Wooden box] MITATE N / C / 2 oz / Shot glass $299.99 →$179.79 [Over-stock sale] | Japan Design Store

【SALE】[Wooden box] MITATE N / C / 2 oz / Shot glass / Kimura glass $299.99 →$179.79 [Over-stock sale]

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size W53mm×H66㎜ 40cc
weight (g) 200.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks * Make sure to check the situation of the items stated above. We cannot accept return or exchange of sale items._x000d_ All products are produced by craftsmen. Please enjoy unique individualities of each item. Crystal glass is not a tempered glass or heat-resistant glass. Crystal glass is so delicate that will be broken by strong impact. By any chance the glass broken, please be careful of broken pieces. After use, wash with soft sponge or cloth soaking into lukewarm water with thinned neutral detergent. Avoid using detergent including polisher or scouring brush.
Short Description 【SALE】Over-stock sale! You can get this item at discounted price now! No inferior points. You can even send it as gifts. (We do not include any documents with price.)_x000d_ * We CANNOT accept any cancel, return, or exchange of this product._x000d_ _x000d_ This is “MITATE N / C / 2 oz / Shot glass” from Kimura glass. MITATE is a beautiful shot glass of Edo Kiriko glass. Crystal glass has high clarity and solid atmosphere. Beautiful shot glass has good drinking touch and texture as well as elegance. Excellent shot glass makes your alcohol more special one. _x000d_ * We cannot accept any cancel, return, or exchange of this product.

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