Sake catalogue / 20000 YEN worth / GS05

Sake catalogue / 20000 YEN worth / GS05 / Catalogue gift

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size 約幅16.5cm×縦27cm
weight (g) 500.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks * Catalogue gift service is only available in Japan. We cannot send our catalogue gift abroad, and you cannot use service of catalogue. Also, we CANNOT accept any cancel, return, or exchange of this product. We appreciate your kind understanding.
Short Description 【Sake catalogue / 20000 YEN worth / GS05】* Catalogue gift service is only available in Japan.
“Sake catalogue” is a catalogue gift filed with various alcohol drink all around the world. Some recommended food and sake sets for sake are also introduced. Alcohol drink has been brewed with unique water and ways of brewing everywhere. This catalogue introduces drinks which shows soul and face of brewers. This catalogue introduces 20,000 YEN worth drinks. In addition to Japanese sake, you can choose wine, shochu, brandy, liqueur etc. With sake catalogue, you can send happiness of choosing and drinking foe sake lovers. In addition to information of each drink, you can read some essays about alcohol drink. You can choose 2 items from Catalogue GS03 (10000 YEN worth).

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