【SALE】Painting chopsticks kit for kids / 15cm $24.99 → $9.98 [Over-stock sale]

【SALE】Painting chopsticks kit for kids / 15cm / HASHIKURA MATSUKAN $24.99 → $9.98 [Over-stock sale]

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weight (g) 60.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks * Make sure to check the situation of the items stated above. We cannot accept return or exchange of sale items.
* Painting chopsticks kit service is only available in Japan
Short Description 【SALE】Over-stock sale! You can get this item at discounted price now! No inferior points. You can even send it as gifts. (We do not include any documents with price.)
* We CANNOT accept any cancel, return, or exchange of this product.
【Painting chopsticks kit for kids / 15cm】Pictures drawn by kids are filled with dream and hope. Each picture has his or her originality. Those pictures will become a pair of chopsticks!
* Painting chopsticks kit service is only available in Japan
* When your kids finish picture, fill out necessaru information and post it within envelope. Craftsmen make chopsticks with picture of kids and the chopsticks will be delivered within 2 weeks.

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