Announced the closing of the store and informed the final coupon.

However, we found a system error that customers cannot enter coupon correctly.

We sincerely apologize for troubling you.

Since it seems take some time to recover that error, we decide to make discount for ALL ORDERS.

Deadline for order is same, October 10th.

Here, let us post correct announcement.


Announcement of Close of Japan Design Store

We are very sorry to announce this, but our store will close up all service on October 20th.
We know this totally comes out of the blue, we are sorry to trouble you so much.

If you already placed order and that item will not arrive until October 20th, we will cancel your order and pay back all payment.

In accordance with the close, we will stop receiving your orders on October 10th. After 0 AM on October 11th in Japan time, you cannot place any order. As all parcels leave our store, we will close.

However, we have some stocks now. Therefore, we decide to make $20 discount for ALL ORDERS after this post.

You can use this discount for a purchase more than $100 in total (excluding shipping cost). If you have some products you have been wanted, now is the last chance! Please don’t miss it!

※ Due to the concentrated orders at the timing of your order, your products may become out of stock. In this case, we will cancel those items from your order. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Thank you very much for your continuous patronage to Japan Design Store so far. It was our supreme pleasure to introduce Japanese crafts to the world and customers around the world kindly purchased our items. Every customer is always so nice to us.

We wish you love Japanese culture and crafts continuously.

Sincerely yours,
All staff of Japan Design Store